Dear Vrygrond, The teachers, The children and True North,

Signatures on the ‘Ship of Ubuntu” sculpture from community members

My deepest gratitude to every experience I have had during my stay here. I have watched myself grow through my reestablished relationships, my new friends, and the hard work we have all displayed in our service to others. I am walking away with a full heart knowing that seeds have been planted. The growth that may come from these last two months may not be seen but they are felt. Sometimes, I find myself walking into life with expectations. It’s my time spent here that helps me realize that living in the moment and being present with people you love creates unimaginable and authentic experiences that surpass my expectations. Watching the growth of both of my creches has shown me that taking small steps can lead to the future that you want to see. What’s different about Vrygrond is that through struggle, resilience, and perseverance creates the most beautiful type of happiness…which comes from within yourself. The magic and beauty I have seen and felt cannot be put into words but just know that a piece of each person I have met here is coming home with me. I know upon my return one day, I will see greater things for Vrygrond.

Until Next Time,


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