Shout out to Teacher Wendy

This year I worked in the classroom with teacher Wendy. She has a class of about 30 3-4 year olds. She has managed to teach lessons with her class, maintain attention from her class, and follow the schedule so they get enough outdoor play before nap. I spent the first few weeks sitting back and observing her and I just want to salute her. She goes to college once a week and also has two kids at home. She shows up everyday and does a wonderful job educating her class. I can resonate with her having just finished school and working full time. She is an inspiration to me. I am so humbled watching her navigate the dynamics of her classroom and doing so with ease. I am going to miss her so much but I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn from her.


The theme is fire and firefighters. The children were put in small groups to draw themselves as firefighters and discussed the clothing firefighters wear.

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