A Cold Day

Upon walking into Little Lambs, the crétch I serve on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am greeted by the teachers who, I have become great friends with, and the small class. Rain can be heard falling outside and inside it feels more like a fridge than a warm school. Today there are only around 10-12 students in total, mostly because their parents are on holiday. The teachers likewise inform me that there are usually less students when it rains because the parents don’t want to get out of bed and take their children to school.

The day went on as usual, the children sang during morning ring and then they had time to play with blocks on the mat or play with puzzles on the tables. Yet as the rain continued to fall it became apparent how poor the roof had began to perform. There were leaks all around and in the other room, which wasn’t being used, had a few holes on the sealing. When nap time came by, the mats needed to be sorted through since some of them had gotten wet. Once dry ones were found and placed the children laid down and blankets were placed on top of them. 

This day was not particularly challenging. I had already gotten to know the children and they had begun to see me more as a teacher and less as a guest. Rather the challenge came from the fact that the créch had become damp and cold due to the rain, poor insulation, and leaks in the roof. But neither the children nor the teachers took any notice of these matters. Instead, they enjoyed their day as usual, with the children playing and learning.

Steven Corona

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