Got to know

The day we hiked Lions Head was a great day. We were joined by a few of the men from the SOZO foundation and it was very fortunate because it was a chance to get to know the them in a more personal level. From their stories and insights on how they view their community helped me shape my understanding of Vryground. There truly isn’t a better way to understand where someone is coming from if the stories are not personally told by them. They see Vryground as not a helpless and negative community but rather a powerful community that is willing to strive for what it takes, given the opportunity to make it better for the future of the community. Being around them and their community truly makes me feel as if I am and is welcome to be apart of their community.

The definition of poverty can be defined in many ways. Poverty to me, is something that deprives someone of being able to reach out for their hopes and opportunities. The people of Vryground may be less fortunate than others in terms of basic human needs, but from what I have seen they are full of hopes and dreams. Some may need a bit more guidance than others, but at the end of the day there are plenty of good people there who look out for one another and they care for the community as a whole. The one main thing I have learned, I never should shape my view of the world around media alone!

-Phouthavady Minakhom

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