My Time in the Crèche

Each day in the crèche is a learning experience. The exchange of knowledge taking place in the room adds so much value to the experience. I’m learning and gaining knowledge just as much as I am sharing. From learning how to be more resourceful from the teachers to learning a new song in different languages from the students, I never leave the crèche quite the same.

Taking a few moments to observe and be in the moment with the children is what I enjoy the most of each day. The abundance of happiness and joy, the eagerness to learn, the high energy from the student that keeps me on my feet is the highlight of each day. To hear them laugh, to see the excitement on their faces and to watch them deep in concentration when working on a task is amazing to witness. From singing and dancing to “Baby Shark” to singing and dancing to “Fishing for Jesus”; there is never a dull moment. 

Da’Keisha Allen

Baby Shark do do do do…

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