Mural Project

During these three consecutive days I had a chance to interact with children in the community at overcome. This project was eventful with lots of children turning up and seeing them want to come and help out was invigorating. We had music playing, we danced, played games, painted walls, rocks, and we even did some block cleaning! They showed up filled with excitement, energy and ready to take part. With not very many event opportunities going on in these areas for the children, it was beautiful to see the eagerness and dedication that the children brought to this project.

This was a project that kept the community busy and entertained. No one in the community was obligated to come help out or take part in any of this, but they choose to show up with the desire to truly want to support in doing something positive for their community. Often times, children will be seen wandering the streets without much to do if they are not in school and so this project was also a model for the community to see that children are capable of hard work and with opportunities to join in on activates they can grow into a better self. Having the chance to connect with the children was an enjoyable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I got to learn and be touched by all the kindness that they had to offer.

Playing a game of duck duck goose!

-Phouthavady Minakhom

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