Moments to live for.

As I continue my journey in Cape Town, I fall a little more in love. Each and every day I gain more knowledge about Cape Town and about myself through this experience. The township of Vrygrond and Overcome has specifically impacted my life by changing my perspective of the way I view circumstances. Investing my time in the township outside of the crèches has allowed me a chance to make connections and build meaningful relationships with the people in the community. Painting, dancing, talking, working, sharing cultures with the children was not only fun and exciting but it was truly a life changing experience. 

Creating the mural in Overcome was amazing because I was able to contribute to adding more beauty to the area. Working alongside children and families in the community, and being a part of their togetherness was awe-inspiring. Everyone was friendly, welcoming, sharing themselves and their homes. The people of the community were just as curious to learn about me as I was curious to learn about them. It was an educational experience by learning to distinguish between the different accents of Xhosa and Afrikaans, learning words such as Molo! (Hello in Xhosa), learning how to properly secure a child on my back using a cloth and learning new dance moves has been the highlight of my time here thus far. My goal is to continue building relationships, to continue partnering with the people I’ve met and to continue to give myself wholeheartedly to this experience. 

Da’Keisha Allen

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