My week

It’s my first time in South Africa, and so far I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with joy with all the magic I see in the people and the children. This past weekend I had the privilege to work on a mural in one of the cretches. For three days including youth day, we spent our time painting, playing games, dancing, and being a part of these children’s lives. I feel like the children left just as big of imprint in my life as I have in theirs. They told me stories of their life and dreams they have for their future. I experienced so much magic within those three days that I was a bit sad it was over. 

At one of the sites I serve, I have this teacher that’s about my age. Her name is teacher Meghan. She first gives off a serious demeanor as we are getting to know each other a little more each day. This week she brought out this powdered paint activity. I was quite surprised with her powered art activity because usually the kids spend there days coloring or drawing. I really enjoy her method of mixing it up in the classroom. I love that she’s full of ideas and wants to work together to create more sensory activities for the children.

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