– Mid Trip Reflections –

I cannot believe that it is already almost half way through our trip to the beautiful country of South Africa!

Over the past few weeks it has been incredible working in the classroom environment, learning about the cultures of the township and building relationships with the children/teachers. At both Little Lambs and Come One Come All, I have felt very supported and welcome in this loving community for learning. Between the countless songs, activities, and morning rings, both the teachers and children of the crèches bring such a positive attitude and excitement for learning together, which is extremely contagious.

This enthusiasm for learning and community building has really driven me to be more present and intentional in my work inside and outside of the classroom both personally and professionally. With this motivation and support, the teachers of the crèches have been very encouraging in bringing activities and ideas into the classroom, which has been really exciting! Not only that but I cannot emphasize how amazing it has been getting to know the children and establishing such meaningful relationships each and everyday at the crèches. I am so grateful to be a part of such an impactful program here in South Africa, and I am looking forward to the weeks to come, to continue collaborating with the teachers and to make learning more engaging for the children! 🙂

– Courtney Ockershausen

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