Welcome to Vrygrond

One of the first things that I noticed about Vrygrond was how resourceful it is. The township is more than just housing, but also small businesses. Heavy tires are placed on top of tin roofs to hold them down in the wind. In the crèches, they have made soccer balls out of paper tightly bound by thick tape.

The children’s imaginative play is fascinating and gives me some insight into the children’s experiences, interests, and what is pertinent in their world. Some examples of the imaginative play I’ve observed here so far are children building a toilet out of blocks, building a road by filling the gap of the pavers outside, and even a childbirth (not pictured), complete with complications and a doctor.

Asking the children to draw pictures of their families was a great way to help me learn about them. One thing that stood out to me was when a little boy told me that he had three fathers. Coming from San Francisco, I would have assumed that two fathers were same-sex parents, however, when I inquired about the third, the teacher explained to me that they consider grandfathers as fathers as well.


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