First Impression

Before arriving in Capricorn/Vrygrond, I had preconceived notions of what I thought the township would be. From google to listening to others who experienced the township and listening to others without any first-hand knowledge, I formed a bias opinion about a place I’ve never been. Commonly, the stories tended to focus on the negative aspects of the area and it clouded my judgement of the community.

When I arrived in Vrygrond, I was surprised by what I’ve seen. The level of poverty and distress in the community wasn’t something I was familiar with. Although I had seen the shortage of resources, I have also seen something much more. When changing my lens from viewing what it lacked to viewing what it offered, I was able to see the beauty, growth and opportunity. You don’t quite understand the beauty of Capricorn/Vrygrond until you are inside. The township showcases how resourceful the people are and showcases their togetherness.They’ve created a community by establishing businesses such as preschools, grocery stores, clothing and churches. They’ve used what they had to build something for themselves and provide services for each other.

-Da’Keisha Allen

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